Copyright Matters

The University of Notre Dame has adopted several policies related to the creation and use of copyrighted materials. These policies may be found at the following links:

Sources of Copyrighted Content

The University is required to make its community aware of legal alternatives to unauthorized sharing or downloading of copyrighted materials, such as digital music or video content. The following link, maintained by EDUCAUSE, provides a comprehensive listing of online content services that are approved by the RIAA and MPAA (representing copyright owners). This is a convenient resource, although the University of Notre Dame does not necessarily endorse any of these sources.

The University has designated an agent to receive all complaints and questions regarding copyright issues relating to Notre Dame's WWW resources, including allegations of copyright infringement occurring on Notre Dame's WWW.

Designated Agent:

Timothy J. Flanagan
Associate General Counsel
University of Notre Dame
203 Main Building
Notre Dame, IN 46556
phone: (574) 631-6411
fax: (574) 631-8233